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Let Us Help With Your Various Elevator Maintenance Needs

If you are looking for a reliable company that provides effective and efficient solutions for your elevator system, turn to none other than Elevator Controls and Security. Our team is fully committed to providing you with the quality of service that meets your expectations.

Testing and Maintenance

Whether you have hydraulic or traction elevators in your property, we have you covered. We offer an array of maintenance contract options, which include monthly visitations, to cater to your various needs.

In addition, we can assess the condition of your system through monthly fire service tests, annual pressure tests, state-required tests, annual no-load tests, and five-year load tests. Our team can also clean your hoistways to make sure that your elevator cabs are moving smoothly.

Repair and Modernization

We offer minor repair services to ensure that your elevators remain safe and reliable. If your system is too damaged, however, we can help you in completely replacing your units. We can also assist you in addressing violations you may have with the North Carolina Department of Labor regulations.

Emergency Service

Incidents can happen anytime, and that’s why we are offering 24-hour emergency services. These include emergency callback response and repairs. You can also rely on us to be on standby during special events in your property.

Accident Prevention and Response

We can help you eliminate potential elevator accidents by installing 3-D door edges. These mechanisms allow the door to start its reversal before the rider enters the door path. We can also prevent annoying shutdowns due to heat by integrating an oil cooler in your system. This also helps in maintaining a more consistent floor leveling.

During a power outage, some people may be trapped inside the elevator. You can reduce the risk of entrapments by having us install a battery-operated lowering unit in your system. This device allows you to safely lower the elevator, open the door to release the passengers, and then shut the system down until the power is restored.

Security Enhancement

If you are concerned about the safety of your tenants, we can help you. Our team can integrate your building’s existing card reader system in your elevator or install a dedicated, stand-alone one. Additionally, we can install a camera in your units as an added layer of protection.

Preserving the Pump Motor

By installing a solid-state starter in your elevators, we can reduce the starting amps of your system. This procedure preserves your pump motor and is cheaper than eventually replacing worn-out parts.

Going Green

We can help in making your system more environmentally friendly. Our team can replace your existing elevator bulbs with LEDs to save energy and reduce the overall cab temperature.

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